TRUMP DEFIES PUNDITS, tops Hillary in new poll


For nearly a week, political pundits and the mainstream media have declared the race for the White House over, saying Donald Trump has little to no chance of winning after a video surfaced showing the Republican nominee making offensive comments about his celebrity and women. A new poll by The Los Angeles Times, however, suggests otherwise. Trump has actually jumped ahead of Hillary Clinton by a small margin.

The USC Dornsife/LA Times poll has Trump at 44.3%, a razor-thin lead over Clinton at 44.2%.

Trump poll

While Trump has seen his numbers fall since the video was released October 7, he has actually trended up in recent days, and seems to be countering Clinton’s climb. He still has work to do, as the pol shows his losing the vote to minorities, women, and college graduates.

H/T: The Gateway Pundit

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