Just days after Buzzfeed and CNN promoted FAKE spy “intel” – a so called intelligence report. President Elect Trump took to Twitter and exposed the spy behind the fake intel report. He didn’t just expose him; he also destroyed Hillary’s staff for questioning the legitimacy of his win. They were on twitter early this morning questioning whether or not he was even elected. TRUMP LET THEM HAVE IT!

He began this Twitter storm 3:11 am, Such high energy, does this man ever sleep? IT ONLY TOOK 5 TWEETS TO SHUT THEM ALL DOWN!


In the first 3 Tweets, he exposed who was behind that fake report. Turns out, the man who put it together was a FAILED British spy just out for money. The retired spy, Christopher Steele, was reportedly hired by Republicans, then Democrats, to dig up “dirt” on Trump. 

Then Trump went after Hillary Clinton’s staff who went on CNN to discredit his victory by claiming the Election was hacked by the Russians. Russians hacking the election has never been a talking point. It has never even been brought up because the machines are not hooked up to the internet. They can not be hacked. Democrats will say anything to excuse the Clinton loss. 

Trump channels his inner Bruce Lee and dodges every punch thrown his way! THIS is the type of leadership America needs.  It’s the type of leadership THE WORLD needs. America will once again be respected.  We will once again be world leaders, and faith will be restored in the American dream. What do you think about the way Trump exposed and destroyed his enemies with just five tweets? I would love to hear your comment below. 

h/t US Politics Now!

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