WATCH: Yale Psychologist gets TOTALLY dismantled by Jesse Watters after calling President Trump psychotic and Hitler-like (VIDEO)

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A Yale psychologist recently went on Fox News’s Watters World to plead his case for why Trump isn’t just mentally off, but is actually psychotic to the point of being like Hitler.

From Fox News

The media aren’t the only ones questioning the mental health of President Trump.

Jesse Watters takes on Yale’s Dr. John Gartner who defends his claim that Donald Trump is psychotic, calling him a “malignant narcissist”.

Mr. Gartner calls Trump a liar, without really naming any lies, a racist without providing any evidence and of course, he draws the standard liberal comparison between President Trump and Adolf Hitler.

I don’t know if there are any solid stats out there to prove it, but there is at least very strong anecdotal evidence that mental health professionals tend to be more liberal. So if the chronic liberal bias of the mainstream media is prologue, then it’s totally possible that health professionals are letting their own bias get in the way of looking at Trump in a more objective light.

Does Trump say a lot of ridiculous things? YES! The question is why. If your bias defaults you to “he’s psychotic” without considering the context that it’s being said in the political arena then that’s quite a problem for these professionals who are only beclowning themselves.

If Trump’s political rhetoric is evidence of psychosis then Washington DC is both the most expensive AND the most populous insane asylum in the universe.

In my own view a lot of what Trump says is him playing the political game. The left lies and crafts false narratives all the time to advance a political argument or position (the Obamacare debate is the perfect example of this playing out in recent times). Trump is fighting the left’s fire with his own, and beating them at it. The only difference is that the MSM magically finds it in them to call out Trump while always giving a pass to Democrats if and when they can get away with it.

In fairness to the good doctor quacktacular example of how degrees are just pieces of paper Watters interrupted him A LOT, but in fairness back to Watters the segment was only 6 minutes long so there was no time to wast. Also, this guy clearly didn’t have any idea of why he believed what he believed. You’d think he would’ve been more prepared…or just prepared.

He wasn’t. Watch the video below.

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