Trump might be vulgar, but Bill Clinton was worse and CNN shuts down conservative guest for pointing it out.


If you’re not familiar with Kurt Schlichter his writing is funny and entertaining, and he really brings it to CNN’s Don Lemon in the video below.

The question Lemon kept asking was whether the vulgarity spewed by Trump on the campaign trail is worthy of someone running for president.

Schlichter keeps pointing out Bill Clinton was as bad and worse when he was president and Lemon wasn’t having it, claiming it was “apples and oranges” to link Hillary to Bill’s sins.

He’s wrong, and Schlichter never got the chance to point out the biggest reason why.

Liberals spent 8 years ignoring, turning and blind eye, and outright lying about the debasing of the presidency (to put it mildly) perpetrated by Bill Clinton, and actions (like oral sex in the Oval Office) speak much louder than Trump’s words.

Liberals can clutch their pearls about Trump all they want, but they have a virtual monopoly on the moral low ground when it comes to the appropriateness of the actions of a president. Lemon kept hiding behind Hillary because using her as a shield against Bill is the only way he could mount some semblance of a defense against Schlichter’s very salient argument, but she’s irrelevant to the issue.

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