WATCH: Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu delivers EMBARRASSING smackdown to former-President Obama’s legacy (VIDEO)


During a press conference in Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu let everyone know what he really thinks of former-president Barack Obama.

(as an aside I don’t think referring to Obama as the former president will ever get old)

From the Washington Examiner

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took a subtle yet significant swipe at Barack Obama’s foreign policy legacy without even mentioning the name of that former president.

“I want to tell you,” Netanyahu said to President Trump during a joint press conference Monday, “how much we appreciate the reassertion of American leadership in the Middle East.” Veiled as a compliment to Trump, the implication was a clear swat against Obama.

The author says this was subtle. I don’t how subtle a verbal smack in the face could be, but this doesn’t fit the bill. Netanyahu’s disdain for Obama couldn’t be more unequivocal.

For eight years, Obama tried to stabilize the Middle East by pursuing diplomatic relations with Iran at the obvious expense of the Israeli-American relationship. With his praise of the current president, Netanyahu expressed his opinion in the relative goodness of Trump and awfulness of Obama.

If that sounds passive-aggressive, consider differences between the two presidents and what that means to Israel’s national security. Where Obama tried negotiating with Iran, Trump has rattled his saber. And while Obama gave the Jewish state a cold shoulder, Trump has promised closer cooperation to avoid nuclear proliferation in the region.

Again nothing subtle about a statement that undergirds two diametrically opposed approaches to foreign policy in the middle east. Obama favored working with insane theocratic Islamists, and Trump wants to work with the only functioning democracy in that part of the world. When you compare the public statements of Iran’s mullahs to statements made by Netanyahu there is no question who the more reasonable party is in this situation.

I’m not saying that only saber rattling against nations like Iran is a good thing, but it should never come at the expense of our relationship with a nation like Israel that actually wants peace.

Check out the video below:

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