Trump Protesters learn Dallas Police don’t play around (SMACKDOWN VIDEO)

Dallas Trump protests

Dallas Trump protest

Attention idiot protesters: it’s been a rough last year for Dallas police. They are in no mood to play around.

When an anti-Trump protest broke out in south Dallas after the inauguration yesterday, the police acted swiftly and decisively. Because protesters had no permit to march in the streets, police took action. After refusing to leave the streets and use sidewalks, police started arresting folks.

Fox affiliate KDFW recorded the police response on two different cameras. One was on the ground, while another was in the air.

If you want to discover something about the character of the participants in the Dallas Trump protests, watch their reactions in the video closely. After refusing to obey the officers, they begin screaming and crying like helpless victims once officers begin arresting them. One is even heard wailing like a crazed banshee. Once protesters move to the sidewalk and realize officers won’t arrest them, they begin hurling f-bombs and other profanities at them. Cowards to the bone.

Watch the video below. Be warned: the language is not censored, and not safe for work. But they are liberals, you likely already knew that.

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