Was Trump Right about Sweden?

During a recent Florida rally, President Trump referred to “what’s happening last night in Sweden” in regards to refugee related violence. The main stream media immediately pounced.

While the President later clarified the comment “was in reference to a story that was broadcast on @FoxNewsconcerning immigrants & Sweden” the media would not be satiated.

The information was based on popular the Fox Network show Tucker Carlson Tonight when Carlson interviewed Ami Horowitz. Horowitz is a filmmaker who believes there is a correlation between Sweden’s mass acceptance of Syrian refugees and an increase in violent crimes in the country.


Horowitz also believes there is a level of corruption and cover up by the Swedish government.

The media, so sensitive to accusations of being fake news, immediately crucified the President for considering a Fox segment as a reliable source of information.

Sweden fired back at the President, instructing the President to review the “facts.” Facts that included a decrease in overall crime.

Oops, unless you count rape. Rape has increased in Sweden. Sweden dismisses this increase as significant because the Swedish government feels the increase is due to a change in the definition of rape in Sweden. Tell that to the victims of rape.

The Washington Post Reports: Back at the ranch. Shortly after the comments and ridicule ruled the major “news” networks and internet social justice warrior experts, riots erupted in…Sweden…by immigrants. The riots are the third of a spate of major riots in the same area since 2010.

Yet the Swedish riots were largely ignored by the same media outlets that spent hours ridiculing the President in regards to the original remarks.

The liberal Huffington Post originally published an article titled “Trump is absolutely right about Sweden” which it later deleted.

Feeling a little a bit suspicious yet?

The Telegraph was brave enough to admit that at least in some aspects, President Trump is correct. Sweden took in large numbers of refugees but lacked appropriate resources to give these same refugees viable employment.

Refugee children disappear into prostitution rings with no hope of rescue, underground crime systems have developed and now run these areas without police interference.

To ignore the complex issues that come with any influx of unvetted refugees from any location is simply irresponsible. Sweden is one example of the complex issues that come with taking in a mass of immigrants without the resources to deal with the issues that come with those immigrants.

While, the majority of immigrants, from any country will become law abiding patriots of their adopted land, the destruction and violence from irresponsible policies can not be ignored.

All countries accepting refugees and other immigrants have a responsibility to their existing citizens to assure a maximum level of not only safety, but that there are sufficient resources for those coming in to find credible work and become productive citizens.

Currently countries like Sweden only serve to provide organized crime with more victims. America must avoid following this path, for its existing and future citizens. Period.

H/T World News Daily

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