Trump supporter ATTACKED by Antifa at MAGA march – LOOK WHAT HAPPENED NEXT

On Saturday, 2,000 Californians held a pro-Trump, Make American Great Again MAGA march at Huntington Beach. The area is a popular tourist destination also known as Surf City. They were met by a small group of ANTIFA counter-protesters looking for trouble.

While peacefully marching, the Trump supporters met approximately two dozen counter-protesters. The Antifa group, dressed in all black, attempted to block a bike path along the MAGA route. The counter-protesters had planned a “human wall” against the MAGA march participants.

Things quickly escalated. Some of the Antifa counter-protesters began using pepper spray on the MAGA group.

The Guardian reports one male counter-protestor even attacked the female MAGA organizer with pepper spray.

No major news outlets are calling the counter-protesters Antifa, as MAGA participants do.


In the past, Antifa attacked unarmed young women without repercussion. This time was different.

Several news outlets reported that MAGA participants who witnessed the attack threw the assailant to the ground. Once down, the assailant was kicked and hit numerous times.

And what did the assailant get after a good butt-whuppin? Arrested.

Kevin Pearsall, spokesman for the California State Parks Police, reported four arrests, all counter-protestors. The arrests included one for assault and battery, and three for the illegal use of pepper spray.

Antifa works through intimidation and sheer bullying. They show up dressed in riot gear, armed with baseball bats and pepper spray, and think they will run things.

This ain’t Berkeley baby.

The lesson for today: when people get tired of bullies, they start fighting back.

Antifa functions solely by intimidation. The tactics are designed to instill fear and quickly silence opposing views. Antifa, presumably short for anti-fascist, needs a vocabulary lesson.

To Antifa, in the words of Indigo Montoya of the classic The Princess Bride, “You keep using that word, but I do not think it means what you think it does.”

While, violence should be de-escalated whenever possible, counter-protestors have learned to fight back when necessary.

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