Jovi Val

A Latino Trump supporter was badly beaten and had his face slashed with a beer bottle Friday night after he was confronted for wearing a Donald Trump MAGA hat. It is yet the latest in a string of violent attacks on conservatives by leftists and ANTIFA activists.

Laura Loomer of The Rebel broke the story and obtained pictures of Jovi Val, the young man who was assaulted. Val is a conservative activist and was wearing the hat because he had just attended Milo Yiannopoulos’ book launch party in New York City. He is also one of the individuals who rushed the stage at a New York City performance of Julius Caesar, in which a Trump lookalike (as Caesar) is violently assassinated.

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After attending Milo Yiannopoulos’ Dangerous book launch party last night, Latino pro-Trump activist Jovi Val went to an after party at Mehanata bar in New York City with some friends.

While dancing at a bar, Val’s “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) hat fell on the floor, when bar patron Emma Rodriguez allegedly stomped on Val’s hat.

Val told The Rebel that after he asked her to stop and “gently” placed his hand on her shoulder to move her away, Rodriguez’ boyfriend, Leo Heinert, allegedly attacked Val from behind with a beer bottle.

Heinert and Rodriguez allegedly continued to assault Val as he bled out on the floor of the bar.

Emma Rodriguez and Leonardo Heinert were both arrested and charged with felony assault. None of the charges against Rodriguez and and Leonardo have been proved in court.

Val was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor for assault. However, the charges against him have been dropped.

“Unfortunately, my face in its current state represents the two faces of politics today, right and wrong. It’s a shame I can’t even enjoy myself with my friends in my MAGA hat without having to worry about getting attacked by the Left,” said Val.

“I never thought my son was going to have a slashed face,” Val’s mother told The Rebel as she cried.

Here are photos of Heinert being arrested, as well as photos of Val’s injuries.

Jovi Val

Jovi Val

Jovi Val

Since the story broke, Leonardo Heinert has been fired from his job with a realty company.

A crowdfunding campaign has been established to help Val with his medical expenses. He has no insurance and he will need facial reconstruction surgery. Both GoFundMe and Paypal have blocked attempts to raise money for Val’s medical expenses, Loomer reports. You can donate to the campaign by clicking here.

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