Trump supporter is spit on by masked leftist animal, and that isn’t even the worst part…

So this is like a thing now, ask Trump haters to explain themselves and get met with ignorance, hatred, and violence. I’m not particularly pro-Trump, but I become less so when I see how rabid these leftist beasts get when you utter his name.

Ironically, the worst thing this low rent masked villain wannabe did wasn’t that he spit on someone who told him he should actually know something about Trump before spouting off. The worst part is what came after…

He declares he is a “tranny” and then taunts the man he just spit on to “punch a woman” as if he has license to brazenly assault people and that claiming womanhood should shield him from accountability for being a piece of THE WORST that humanity has to offer. Then the girl who came to the “tranny’s” defense seemed more indignant that he was being called what he is, “a him,” over the fact that HE was spitting on complete strangers…THAT was ok by her.

Once again, this proves two things:

1. It proves how cravenly sexist and bigoted liberals truly are for this man to lay claim to what he clearly thinks is the weaker sex since he uses that status to protect himself from a well deserved punch in the face.

2. There is no actual right or wrong, just the narcissistic whims of morally deprived and depraved animals who don’t deserve the free world that tolerates their miserable and ungrateful existence.

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