Trump Supporters Attacked While Guarding His Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

Walk of Fame star

A video obtained by TMZ shows a disturbing scene: Trump supporters being viciously attacked while holding a rally on President Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star.

The incident happened Thursday evening, as supporters gathered to rally and protect President Trump’s Walk of Fame star from vandals. Protesters have twice destroyed Trump’s star, the latest incident happening within the past week.

Actress and singer Joy Villa was there to sing the National Anthem, when she was confronted by protesters. Her security detail, including a former Marine, stepped in to calm the situation, only to be attacked.

As the video shows, the protester starts screaming the N-word at the white Marine for an inexplicable reason, which was followed by shoves and an all-out fight.

One Trump supporters is seen in the video bleeding from the head.

Police reports were filed, but it does not appear that any arrests have been made.

Here are Villa’s tweets from the incident.

First was this tweet that showed the moments before the fight.

Villa then posted this after the fight.

Villa later tweeted that her cameraman had his camera stolen, and they were asking for people to donate to his Paypal so it could be replaced.

Villa mentioned in her video that one of the protesters tried to grab her, but she says she was unharmed.

Here is the video.

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