Trump supporters crash illegal immigrant rally – WATCH WHAT HAPPENS (VIDEO)

Trump supporters

Trump supporters showed up at an illegal immigrant rally in Los Angeles to exercise their First Amendment right to free speech.  The protesters there were angry that police officers allowed it.

Illegal aliens and leftists are so ignorant, they believe tax-paying American citizens shouldn’t have the same rights they do. They were acting as if First Amendment rights only apply to illegals protesting immigration laws. This was incredible. The officers were trying to keep the two groups apart, because the protestors supporting illegal border crossings were becoming agitated. It was clear without the presence of the officers the protest could become violent.

Trump supporters were chanting “USA! USA! USA!” They were also telling protesters that they will be deported.

Many of the Hispanic protesters were in utter disbelief that many of the Trump supporters were also Hispanic. They were saying things like “I am an American. I am not an illegal.”

Protesters do not get it

The protesters could not understand why the police officers were allowing the Trump supporters to peacefully assemble. One was heard saying “Do you hear what they are saying? They are saying the most ignorant stuff! Why are you defending them? You should be here to protect us!”

What these protesters do not seem to understand is this: it does not matter what the Trump supporters are saying. Even if they were saying “ignorant stuff,” it is their right to say whatever they want to say. The First Amendment protects ‘offensive’ speech. Leftists shut down speech they disagree with, because they believe in free speech only if you agree with them.

I am a Hispanic, and I am an American. My parents are American. We support all immigration, however, it must be done legally. Illegal aliens must be stopped from continuing to cross our borders, and President Trump is the man to make it happen.

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