Trump Tweets Second Most Popular Tweet Of ALL TIME – Completely And Utterly DESTROYS CNN With This Video

Trump Tweets Destroys CNN

Many mainstream media sources have been attacking Trump over his Twitter account, claiming that it’s unprofessional and unpresidential, and that he should stop tweeting.

They even run shady polls, where they manipulate population sizes, and claim that 75% of Americans want Donald Trump to stop tweeting. In fact, the corrupt fake news media even got Ronald Reagan’s son to speak out against Trump’s Twitter account.

Why is the media so vehemently opposed to Trump having his own Twitter account? The answer is actually quite simple. Until now, presidents had to play the media game. They had to go through the big networks, like CNN, MSNBC, and Fox, in order to reach the people of America.

This meant that they had to play the political game. They couldn’t talk about things that were politically incorrect, or they’d get taken out of context. They couldn’t say certain things about the media, or they’d run negative press coverage about that candidate for a month.

But now, with social media’s blazing fast growth over the past few years, the mainstream media has been losing its chokehold on the American opinion. Now, platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, are becoming the new networks.

This is why the media HATES President Trump having his own Twitter account. He can reach directly to his nearly 20 million followers, without any quote mining, and without having to go through the corrupt mainstream media.

He can send out a tweet on a certain policy or event, and it will INSTANTLY be seen by millions. This is an incredibly powerful tool, and in fact, many speculate that it’s how Trump won the election of 2016, despite the MASSIVELY negative press coverage he received.

So when Trump sent out this SAVAGE tweet, absolutely destroying CNN in the process, it catapulted to being one of his most popular tweets of all time.

The tweet contains an old clip from WWE, in which Donald Trump attacks a man with “CNN” superimposed over his head. Anyone who has even half a brain can see the humor in this, since Trump has pretty much destroyed CNN’s reputation in the past year.

According to The Gateway Pundit:

“Within the first 24 minutes the tweet had 35,000 likes. Within an hour the tweet had over 100,000 likes. By Monday morning, the tweet had over 287,000 re-tweets and 468,000 likes.”

“It is widely suspected that Twitter fudged the president’s numbers on his anti-CNN tweet and that it was much larger than reported.”

This anti-CNN tweet, as of the time of this article’s publication, now has 308,000 re-tweets and 507,000 likes…and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

This makes it Donald Trump’s second most popular tweet of all time, behind the tweet he sent the morning of election day:

Judging by the rapid growth of this new CNN tweet, and by peoples’ reactions to it on social media, it could in fact, surpass the previous leading tweet, and become Trump’s most popular tweet OF ALL TIME.

This proves that America is waking up to the #FakeNews that CNN is putting out there—the fact that this tweet spread so rapidly is because we all know the truth. We all know that CNN is fake news, and we all know that they’re done for.

If you think that CNN is fake news, and that Trump is an AMAZING president, please give this article a share to make this Trump’s most popular tweet OF ALL TIME!

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