Why did Donald Trump win, and what does it mean?

Voters who gave Republicans the House were frustrated when Congress which held the purse strings continued to spend at President Obama’s behest. We the people were frustrated when we saw the flood of illegal immigrants flooding our cities, taking our jobs. When our local municipalities are taxed to the max under the weight of illegals who use our schools, our social programs. We felt helpless when our jobs leave the United States, and our concerns were ignored. We were the forgotten man.  We needed someone who would champion our causes. That champion was Donald J Trump.


At a time when Paris, and UK and Germany are troubled by savage violent crimes committed by the flood of refugees arriving from war torn countries.  We feared for our lives, our families, and our American ways. The news is full of examples of  Middle Easterners (mostly men) who are protected by the law while the innocent have to fend for themselves. We needed someone who understood that danger and would put a stop to refugees entering the United States in a time of uncertain national security. That man was Donald J Trump.


We needed someone who would hear our cries for jobs, and seek to solve those problems. Someone who would be the president of the American people. We needed an American president who saw himself as one of them not a gobal citizen of the world. We needed an America First kind of president. That man is Donald J Trump.
Not only did the media get almost everything about this presidential election wrong, but they became a part of the establishment we the people were fighting against. They became a part of the issue, or the stand-in for all those issues bothering the people, that the great new American Trump Party voted against.

The transmutation of political identities has devolved into two parties: the Trump one, the angry people seeking a Champion, and the Media Party, representing the smug elites.  Each an anathema to each other, and uncomprehending of the other. There was no moment in the campaign where the Media Party did not see itself as virtuous.  The media too was a determination factor in the race. Given this, the chants of “CNN sucks” at Trump rallies should not have been entirely surprising. The media class would speak disparagingly against Trump ignoring that what they said about our candidate,they were saying about us.


New Yorker editor David Remnick, as good a representative of media virtue, before he went to bed last night took a moment to throw off a thousand words or so on the death of the republic, rather than to express interest at what was really going on. The enormity and meaning of what had just happened escaped him. A new voice has spoken but in a pitch so high and a language so obscure that none in the media picked it up.

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