Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Destroyed by Vandal – But There’s More to the Story

Hollywood Walk of Fame star

Early this morning, an unidentified man walked up to President Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and shattered it with a pickax he pulled out of a guitar case he was carrying.

The man then allegedly called police to report what he had done, and then fled the scene. He later turned himself in at the local police station.

However, there’s a strange twist to the story, that makes you wonder if there isn’t some very selective outrage going on.

First, the details from ABC 7 in Los Angeles.

A vandalism suspect turned himself in after he allegedly used a pickax to destroy President Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame early Wednesday morning, the Los Angeles Police Department said.

According to witnesses, a man removed the pickax from a guitar case about 3 a.m. and began swinging it at the star on Hollywood Boulevard, located in front of the Hollywood & Highland center. Chunks of concrete were left strewn across the sidewalk.

The suspect surrendered to Beverly Hills police at about 4:30 a.m., the LAPD said. His identity was not disclosed.

In November 2016, days before the presidential election, Trump’s star was similarly vandalized by a man dressed as a construction worker who used a sledgehammer and pickax. That man said he was protesting Trump’s treatment of women.

The motive for Wednesday’s incident is unknown.

When Twitchy reported on the incident they caught on to an interesting side angle.

Members of the Resistance who protest Trump do so by saying they hate his treatment of women. If they are truly motivated by moral outrage, then why was the star of actor Kevin Spacey, an admitted pedophile which is right next to Trump’s, not touched?

Check it out.

Here is video from ABC 7 in Los Angeles.

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