TRY NOT TO LAUGH: MSNBC’s Chris Matthews says ‘SADNESS’ motivated Alexandria shooter (VIDEO)

Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews is struggling to find excuses for James T. Hodgkinson, the Alexandria shooter, without acknowledging that his hateful leftist politics drove him to act. His latest excuse, however, may cause you to slap your head in disbelief. Of course, it was all caught on video.

Last night, on his MSNBC show, Matthews couldn’t bring himself to admit that the ugly, violent rhetoric of the left has finally caused a disturbed individual to snap. Apparently, hate speech only causes violence when Republicans do it.

The Washington Free Beacon reports.

MSNBC host Chris Matthews offered a qualified defense of Alexandria shooter James T. Hodgkinson on Wednesday, saying “We don’t know what sadness was in this guy’s life.”

Hodgkinson shot House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R., La.) and four others while Republican congressmen practiced baseball Wednesday morning. Reports emerged of his activism on behalf of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) and loathing for Republicans and President Donald Trump over the course of the day.

“Howard [Fineman], you and I know each other. You know what goes into somebody’s—we can say wacky behavior because they’re dead,” Matthews said, diverting from a point on civility in politics from Rep. Bill Johnson (R., Ohio).

“We don’t know what sadness was in this guy’s life … what his prospects were. Something that made him mad at the world so he focused on Republicans,” Matthews said. “He did understand inequality as an issue. Bernie Sanders wrote about that in the paper the other day.”

You have got to be kidding me.

Here is the video.

I guess Chris Matthews finally found a liberal who doesn’t give him a tingle up his leg.

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