Tucker Carlson Goes NUCLEAR After Entitled DACA Recipient Issues Threat on Live TV (VIDEO)

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The left has been endlessly portraying DACA recipients as Nobel prize winners, courageous veterans, and brilliant valedictorian scientists who are changing the world—unfortunately, this is a very minuscule part of their population.

The majority of DACA recipients are not the valiant heroes which the left makes them out to be, but entitled individuals who demand citizenship. Conservatives understand this, which is why we elected President Donald J. Trump into office on the key platform promise that he would end amnesty.

Unfortunately, it seems that he’s been backtracking on this issue and has reached out to democrats willing to make a deal. While it’s unclear whether he’s doing this to simply throw off the GOP or not remains to be seen. One thing is certain though: the vast majority of conservatives do NOT want amnesty for illegal arrivals.

In a case of incredible entitlement and selfishness, an illegal immigrant appeared on Tucker Carlson last night to speak about the pressing DACA issue. The left is saying that if childhood arrivals were given amnesty, it would only amount to 800,000 Mexican immigrants, but this is inaccurate.

The loosely worded amnesty laws would allow DACA recipients to bring their family members into the US as well, which could swell up to a massive 15 million new illegal immigrants suddenly turned into American citizens. This is a burden that we cannot afford, and it’s one that we must continue to fight.

One illegal immigrant, Ivan Ceja, has actually demanded that Americans give him citizenship. He claims that citizenship is his right, and that his community of illegal immigrants plans to hold Americans “accountable,” for their decisions—big mistake.

Tucker quickly puts him in his place by pointing out the “lack of gratitude,” in these people. Millions of people are here illegally, and yet they’re demanding the right to vote, the right to benefit from our public school systems, and the right to live under our military protection.

Then, after all of this, they demand even MORE—they want to bring their 15 family members over and have the United States give them the same benefits that they didn’t even pay for. “I never hear a single person say thank you,” says Tucker.

“I believe that undocumented immigrants and DACA recipients are simply reacting to what’s continuing to be done over years, and that is that they’re talking about us but they’re not talking with us,” says the illegal immigrant. “Both parties will be held accountable,” he says.

“Slow down,” says Tucker. “You’re saying that you’re not a US citizen, and you’re saying that you and other non-US citizens are going to hold US citizens accountable for not being nice enough to non-US citizens is that what you’re saying?”

The DACA recipient of course navigates around Tucker’s question without giving a direct answer. Still, he claims that US politicians have a right to defend non-US citizens who came here illegally.

What do you think? Should we deport every last illegal immigrant out of this country, or should we give them amnesty? Let us know your thoughts down below.

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