TV’s Supergirl really wants you to vote for Hillary Clinton – Puke


OK, we did add Hillary’s head to this. But it is obvious they want you to vote for the Clintonator.

Hollywood is trying way too hard to get Hillary Clinton elected. Now, even Supergirl has become a pawn of the Clinton political machine. I’m sure Bill’s excited.

On Monday’s episode of the CW’s Supergirl, there was a definite agenda being pushed. Not only was there was a female president played by former Wonder Woman Lynda Carter, there were thinly-veiled references to several liberal agendas.

The obvious liberal spin was not lost on most viewers, and even critics found it over-the-top. Nick Campbell of found the heavy-handed liberal spin a bit much, even for Hollyweird. He outlined the ridiculous episode, pointing out how blatantly slated it was. Mind you, this guy appears to be a liberal, and even HE found the liberal agenda a bit much.

President Marsdin (the female president played by Lynda Carter and often frocked in very familiar pantsuits) wants to create a path to citizenship for all lifeforms, no matter how they end up on our shores. Kara (Supeprgirl) has an argument with Mon-El from Daxam that is a broad overview of the static between Democrats vs Republicans, right down to conservatives getting defensive when liberals get all Aaron-Sorkin-y. It was all thinly-veiled and, while everything was story-motivated, I would imagine no one on the production side of things was trying to be subtle.

I was surprised Melissa Benoist and Lynda Carter didn’t have their own pro-vote PSA at the end. “We’ve had a lot of fun here today with all the punching and eye lasers. But be sure to cast your vote on Nov. 8. Save the aliens. #ImmigrationReform.”

At a time where the country has a degree of election fatigue that makes me feel like this is forever, Nov. 8 will never come, and maybe we’re all actually dead and being punished to watch different incarnations of this rhetorical spectacle that is more nightmare circus than honestly helpful, watching an episode of Supergirl pitch its two cents can feel like a betrayal. You get it from all sides and the only relief you have is the escapism when you visit National City to watch Supergirl punch some stuff. But then Supergirl is throwing punches at an alt-right conspiracy theorist that literally flames.

This liberal agenda should come as no surprise: the show’s executive producer, Greg Berlanti, is an outspoken gay liberal. It is no wonder they went overboard to convince you that a liberal female President is a great thing. Let’s just be clear: Hillary Clinton is no Lynda Carter.


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