Two Thugs Break Into Texas Granny’s House – Biggest Mistake They’ll Ever Make

texas granny thugs break in

Criminals often prey on those who can’t defend themselves—young children, women, and the elderly. This pair of thugs thought they’d have an easy shot at robbing an old Granny’s house, but they were dead wrong.

Texas tends to breed a different type of American. These aren’t the limp-wristed, spineless, Kumbaya-chanting liberals of California—no. In Texas, if you mess with somebody, you’d better make sure that you kill them, or you’ll end up getting a swift kick in the face of American justice.

In Harris County, Texas, a 60 year old woman found that two armed men had entered into her home through the open garage door. According to sources, they meant business: they were both armed, and ready to fight. They’d likely been watching the Granny’s house for a few weeks, thinking that it would be an easy target, but as WTSP tells us, it was anything, but:

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — A woman shot and killed an armed intruder near Katy Monday, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. 

The 60-year-old woman told deputies two armed men entered her home through the open garage door around 11:30 a.m.  

“Both were armed with pistols, she confronted both suspects,” said Thomas Gilliland with HCSO. 

The woman grabbed her own handgun and fired several shots at the suspects and they ran out the door. 

One man collapsed and died in her front yard in the 20000 block of Fort Bowie Ct in the Sundown subdivision. Deputies found a gun near his body. 

“It’s the state of Texas, if you’re going to go into someone’s home, you’re going to get shot,” said Cathy Hanks, a neighbor. “That’s really how we are. That’s just Texas.”

The other suspect got away by jumping a fence. It’s not clear if he was wounded. Deputies are searching the neighborhood for him. The victim said he appeared to be around 20 years old, was wearing dark clothing and his red underwear was showing. 

The woman who fired the shots wasn’t hurt. 

She told investigators she didn’t know the men. 

Boom—that’s a taste of Texas justice, for you. Finally, a pair of thugs that gets the ending they deserve. While it’s clear that one was shot in the face and killed, police are unsure whether the other thug was shot. They are currently attempting to find the suspect.

Of course the liberals will complain that having guns makes the world a more dangerous place, but all of the evidence shows otherwise. Police don’t show up when the crime happens, they show up afterwards. That means it’s on civilians to defend themselves against criminals until the police get there.

Had this Granny not had access to a handgun, who knows what these disgusting thugs would have done. They could have tied her up and stolen all of her valuables, or they could have done much worse. Thankfully, in the state of Texas, even the elderly carry around handguns—and as you can see, the 2nd amendment just saved this old woman’s life.

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