U.S. Soldier in Iraq Drops TRUTH BOMB- Trump is RIGHT AGAIN (VIRAL)

Steve Gern, a soldier stationed in Iraq, recently made a video responding to Trump’s executive order, temporarily barring travel from 7 predominantly Muslim countries:

“…I asked them [Iraqi civilians] a simple question, and I got an answer to that simple question, and I got it without hesitation.

My simple question was: ‘As an American, if I went out in town right now, would I be welcome?’

…they instantly said I would not be welcome. I said: ‘Okay, so what would happen if I went out into town?’

They said: “The locals would snatch you up, and kill you within an hour.’

I’d be tortured first, and after they were done torturing me, I’d probably be beheaded, and it’d go on video for everybody to see as an example.”

After explaining how most of the Iraqi civilians Gern has come in contact with, have a vehement hatred towards Americans, he presents us with a very uncomfortable truth:

“…this is the local populus that would do this. This isn’t ISIS, this isn’t Al-Qaeda, this isn’t the PNU, this isn’t a militia…this is the local populus that would do this.”

Is it any wonder that a large portion of London’s Muslim population wants to institute Sharia Law? Is it any wonder that, over the past several years, we’ve seen a massive crisis sweeping through Europe, caused by the gigantic influx of un-vetted immigrants?

Before signing off, Mr. Gern leaves us with a poignant and unsettling question:

“If you would do this to me in your country, why would I let you in my country?”

The answer is you wouldn’t. Any sane individual would completely bar people like this from entering their homeland, lest we end up like Merkel’s Germany or Lofven’s Sweden.

But then again, liberals aren’t sane.

UPDATE: Steve Gern has been evacuated WATCH:


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