In a move that surprised no one politically right of center, CNN bowed to a left-wing organization and compromised their journalistic principles. The news network changed a provocative headline after ANTIFA representatives complained that it portrayed them negatively.

According to a report by The Daily Caller, CNN actually did something surprising when they ran a story on Friday exposing the violent side of ANTIFA anarchists. Titled “Unmasking the leftist Antifa movement: Activists seek peace through violence,” and written by Sara Ganim and Chris Welch, the article detailed the tactics ANTIFA has been using against anyone they oppose, including intimidation, violence, and vandalism.

The article quickly spread on conservative social media, as many were surprised that CNN would actually report on ANTIFA’s violent tactics, which have been glossed over by most of the mainstream media. That surprise didn’t last long.

At some point on Saturday, the article title changed. The subtitle was removed, which portrayed the activists as violent. Benny Johnson, editor of The Independent Journal Review, took note, and even provided a screenshot of the title change.

CNN added an editor’s note at the end of the article, stating “This story has been updated to clarify that counter-protesters say they are not to blame for the violence at the Charlottesville protest. The story’s headline has also been updated.”

Philip Stucky of The Daily Caller has more.

The piece features a video interview in which several members of Antifa appear wearing all black, with black sunglasses, hats and bandanas covering their faces.

Although CNN changed the headline, the violence depicted in the article remained. One activist described his actions in detail, which included pulling guns on “fascists,” smoke-bombing areas, and being arrested several times during the course of various protests.

“Even though it only takes one person to break a window, it doesn’t matter because the bloc moves together,” one unnamed protester told CNN.

Strangely, CNN’s Jake Tapper tried to justify the change, and claimed it was inaccurate, even though the content of the story – which made clear the violent tactics used by ANTIFA – were unchanged.

It is clear why CNN made the change, and why ANTIFA demanded it. Many people don’t actually read the news these days – they merely skim titles to form an opinion (we appreciate you reading this article this far, by the way). ANTIFA seemed content to change the title and save at least a little face among those who don’t care enough to actually read a news article.

CNN, the purveyor of fake news, was willing to oblige.


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