Unbelievable: Obama Spends Less Than 2 Minutes At Scalia’s Wake

Photo’s released of Obama after spending less than 2 min at Scalia’s wake

For a man “not interested in photo ops,” President Barack Obama sure finds himself in plenty.

Raising more than a few eyebrows for not planning to attend Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s funeral on Saturday — an unprecedented act — Obama is seen carrying a “huge binder of materials on possible SCOTUS nominees,” as noted by CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller.

(Keep in mind that binders full of names are only a problem in America when being toted by a Republican — see Mitt Romney.)

From the beginning, one thing Obama has been able to count on, other than his own audacity, is the support of the national media, minus Fox News.

And that support manifested itself Friday in the well-planned photo.

The gist being that Obama will be too busy “plowing through” potential nominees over the weekend to think about attending the funeral of a man who dedicated 30 years of his life to public service.

Knoller posted two images of the president and his binder, coming and going — which is appropriate considering that when it comes to being conned by the media, the American people get it coming and going.



To be fair, Obama did carve out two minutes from his busy schedule on Friday to pay his respects to Scalia, who was lying in repose inside the Supreme Court.


Based on the reaction on social media, it’s a safe bet that most Americans aren’t buying what Obama’s media allies are selling … and think he should attend the funeral.

Here’ just a small sampling of responses from Twittter:



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