Ungrateful Roseanne Laughs Off Trump’s Ratings Boost: ‘It’s All Me’ (VIDEO)


The return of the classic TV sitcom “Roseanne” to ABC has been a ratings bonanza, and many attribute those ratings to Trump supporters who are giving the pro-Trump actress a boost.

Roseanne herself, however, isn’t so sure.

TMZ caught the actress at Los Angeles International Airport and asked her about recent comments by the President in which he claimed at least some credit for the gangbuster premiere ratings.

In a speech last Thursday in Ohio, President Trump mentioned that he called Roseanne to congratulate her on the premiere’s big ratings, which totaled 18 million viewers. He also told the crowd it was because his supporters tuned in. “It was about us,” he told the crowd.

Here are his comments about the Roseanne premiere.

After the premiere, Roseanne thanked her fans for the turnout. “I am so thankful to the fans of the Roseanne show for giving it a good premiere rating. You are all wonderful,” she said.

However, when TMZ asked her about Trump’s comments taking credit for the ratings win, she laughed derisively and told the interviewer “It’s all me.” When pressed about Roseanne fans being Trump fans, she stated “I love my fans.” She then told the interviewer “go mind your mother.”

Roseanne also recently tweeted out this link to an article that says it should be Trump thanking Roseanne, not the other way around.

The disagreement over who gets credit for the ratings win doesn’t seem to faze Roseanne’s overall support for the President. She still backs him in her interactions with fans on Twitter.

Here is video of Roseanne’s response to TMZ when asked about who should get the credit for the ratings win.

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