What we know about the suspect in today’s college campus stabbing in Austin, Texas

Today we saw another act of senseless violence with a stabbing on one of America’s college campuses. This time there were four victims, with one of them dead.

From KXAN:

One student is dead and three more were injured in a stabbing on the University of Texas at Austin campus Monday afternoon.

Austin police say they were called to the scene to assist UT police just before 1:50 p.m. at 2101 Speedway, which is near Gregory Gym. UTPD Chief of Police David Carter says an officer arrived at the location in less than two minutes. When the officer arrived, he saw a suspect walking away from one of the stabbing victims.

The suspect, identified as 21-year-old Kendrex J. White, was armed with a “Bowie-style” hunting knife, police say. When the officer ordered the suspect to the ground, he complied and was placed into custody inside the Jester West building. Social media posts show the suspect had a large knife holder attached to his waist.

If only we had knife control and background checks on them…

In all seriousness, this guy wasn’t messing around with a knife like that…


Emergency crews found three additional stabbing victims within one block. All the victims were male and attend UT.

The UT directory shows White is a junior majoring in Biology.

Here’s some brief video footage of White’s arrest

Reports also say White was studying in the hopes of becoming a doctor and was President of UT’s Black Health Professionals Organization. Nobody really knows what his motivation for the attack is at this time. According to a report at Heavy there may have been some circumstances followed by warning signs that led to the attack.

Students who knew White said he was having issues recently. Korbin Springer said on Twitter that White suffered from epilepsy and had not been in class for about a month. Springer said White “seemed like a good guy.”

Springer also tweeted about the car crash that led to White’s arrest in April. According to Springer, White said the crash was caused by a seizure. “He said the police thought he was intoxicated but he was not,” Springer tweeted. “Kendrex truly seemed like a good person. Perhaps other factors led to this including car accident/ trouble with law enforcement.”

Another student told KXAN-TV similar thoughts about White. Joshua Anderson told the news station he had classes with White and said he is “very friendly and talkative,” but had recently been missing classes. Anderson said he asked White about it and he said he “had to put academics on the back burner for a bit” because he had a “few things going on in his life,” KXAN reports.

Prior to the attack White tweeted the following

Clearly White was experiencing troubles and lashed out in the worst way possible.

Whatever the reason for the attack one thing is certain, prayers for the victims, their families, and for White’s family. Please share this on social media and keep all involved in your own thoughts and prayers.

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