UPDATE: Antifa Army Lieutenant Was Mentored By Islamist Professor at West Point

Investigation into the background of a devoutly communist, pro-Antifa U.S. Army lieutenant has revealed that a key figure in his personal development while a cadet at West Point was a Muslim professor of Middle Eastern history who is currently on administrative leave from the Academy.

US Army Lieutenant Spenser Rapone proudly outed himself on Twitter this weekend, and quickly became the focus of a formal military investigation after a variety of media outlets, including Silence Is Consent, exposed him and his history of virulently anti-American rhetoric across a multitude of social media platforms.

It has now been discovered that Rapone’s Cadet Advisor was one Rasheed Hosein, a man with whom Rapone grew so close, they traveled to India together. According to examinations of Rapone’s online history, the timing of his radicalization coincides closely with their trip.

As journalist Katie Jones notes

The disturbing connection between Rapone’s radicalization and his mentorship with Hosein cannot be overlooked. Rapone was one of only two cadets that Hosein advised in the 2016 graduating class, and they even traveled internationally together.

It appears that a trip the two took to the Taj Mahal in India directly coincides with the time Rapone started to become increasingly anti-West and pro-Islam on his Reddit page.

According to West Point, Hosein is currently on administrative leave, but officials claim that his circumstances have nothing to do with the current investigation involving Rapone.

Also unclear is Hosein’s citizenship status, as it appears that he may be a Canadian national.

For the full story on Spenser Rapone, please see our article, “US Army Lieutenant Declares “Communism Will Win – Kill Every Capitalist Dog” In Shocking Social Media Posts.”



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