UPDATE: Muslim Migrants Rape 5-Year-Old Idaho Girl – See What Her Parents Reveal In A New Interview (VIDEO)

pamela geller interview idaho rape victim parents

We previously reported on an occurrence in Idaho where a 5-year-old girl was gang raped in every orifice, and urinated on by Muslim boys. The liberal judge chose to be politically correct rather than to dish out justice.

This isn’t an isolated incident, either. All across the nation, liberal judges have been siding with Muslims and devastating white, Christian families. They’ve been making excuses for the vile crimes that these migrants commit, all in the name of political correctness.

In one especially disgusting case, which Pamela Geller covered in June, a group of Muslim youth lured a 5-year-old blonde girl into a Laundromat, raped her in every orifice, and then urinated on her…all the while being coached by one of the older boys.

Sharia law in Idaho. The three Muslim refugee boys who plead guilty in the heinous sexual attack of a five-year-old girl in Idaho were sentenced yesterday. No jail time. The judge barred everyone in the courtroom, including the victim’s own parents, from speaking about the case and threatened anyone with serious consequences if they violated his edict. Unheard of.

The sexual assault occurred at Fawnbrook Apartments, in Twin Falls, when a 5-year-old was lured into a laundry room, stripped of her clothing, urinated on, and orally and anally raped while the oldest boy filmed the entire incident.

Now, following a sentencing hearing Monday at the Snake River Juvenile Detention Center in Twin Falls, Judge Thomas Borresen of Idaho’s 5th Judicial District issued a gag order barring everyone in the courtroom from talking about it.

The victim’s lawyer is facing contempt charges because of a benign comment he made to the Idaho Statesman about the parents’ unhappiness with the verdict.

Despite the fact that this was caught on camera, this disgusting liberal judge has opted to do absolutely nothing—in fact he’s even fighting back against the victim’s family. Pamela Geller was able to get in contact with the young girl’s parents, and gave the following interview over Facebook Live.

The global social media corporation tried to stop it from happening, but Pamela was able to circumnavigate the technical difficulties.

“First, I want to hear from them what happened,” asked Pamela Geller. “Who came and told you? What did your little girl tell you?” The mother took a pause, and responded. She said that her girl was outside playing with her friends when she “ran inside real fast,” to use the restroom. That’s when the attack happened.

“By the time I came there, they had grabbed her, and she was gone,” the victim’s mother said. “Did she come to you afterwards?” Pamela asked. The woman reports that “Grandma Jo,” came to her after discovering the disgusting incident.

After trying to talk about the horrific attack, the parents give up. It seems that they’re too emotionally overwhelmed by the completely sick and twisted actions by these Muslim boys to even speak about them. Pamela recognizes this and digs deeper on other parts of the case.

Pamela Geller: “Afterwards we had the prosecutor…Grant Loebs, who said that there was no gang rape. It’s absurd, it’s sick, it’s obscene, it’s profane, it’s monstrous. He said there were no Syrians involved—excuse me, they were Iraqi’s—he denied the whole thing. What was your experience with Mr. Loebs?”

Victim’s Mother: “Grant Loebs has not been on our side whatsoever. He made us feel like we were the victims…criminals.”

Pamela Geller: “He denied that there was a knife involve,d he said that there was no gang rape…what do you say to that?’

Victim’s Mother: “I say that it’s all lies…[my daughter] told me that they had a knife, but the reason they couldn’t find a knife is because they waited a few days to even go look for it.”

The police were so incredibly lax that they waited three whole days before trying to collect evidence. Wow, I wonder if that could be enough time for the Muslims to get rid of the evidence?

Unfortunately, this little girl was completely humiliated, and Grant Loebs is intent on squashing the entire case by framing her as a liar. Many have mailed him expressing their outrage at his key role in pushing Sharia law into this nation.

This young girl was anally raped and orally raped, as three Muslim boys held a knife to her throat. They then proceeded to urinate in her mouth, to completely humiliate the innocent little girl. They caught all of this on tape, and confessed guilty to doing so.

…yet for some reason, police have not brought these subhuman filth to justice. What are your thoughts?

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