USA Today Tweet Implies Texas Shooter Used “Chainsaw Bayonet” Attachment – Gets ABSOLUTELY OBLITERATED on Twitter

It never takes Democrats long before they begin to politicize a shooting—it should come as no surprise, then, that USA Today tweeted out a ridiculous post talking about the “potential modifications” the Texas shooter could’ve used. Fortunately, they got completely roasted on Twitter by common-sense patriots.

Democrats understand that they can’t argue on the facts, which is why they always tell the most ridiculous sob stories and suggest the most unlikely, terrifying scenarios in order to push their political agenda. They sensationalize every single “racist” thing that happens, to the point that you’d think half of America is in the KKK.

It’s not very surprising then, that USA Today tweeted out the following tweet, suggesting that getting a “chainsaw bayonet” is a common modification to the Texas church gunman’s AR-15, as if it’s a scope or a barrel or something like that. Hilariously enough, they got completely roasted in the comments, to the point where they even issued a response.

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After presenting the above video suggesting that AR-15’s are commonly outfitted with such ridiculous aftermarket accessories as an “under barrel 12-gauge shotgun,” or a “chainsaw bayonet,” USA Today received a whopping dose of their own medicine, in the form of exaggerations and satire.

“Are you sure the weapon didn’t look more like this?” one user responded, linking to a picture where an AR-15 has two chainsaw bayonet attachments, with an AR-15 attachment, that has a chainsaw bayonet attachment, and another AR-15 attachment.

“Or this?” the same user tweeted out, posting an image with an AR-15 containing a dangerous, highly weaponized “light saber” aftermarket attachment.

From here, USA Today and began to panic after realizing how ridiculously absurd their original video was. So, they posted a tweet in response to their previous tweet, clarifying that these are only potential modifications—but we all know the intention behind their video.

Their video, complete with scary music and ridiculously rare modifications, is meant to give people panic attacks at the mere thought of an AR-15. In reality, the majority of gun owning Americans are responsible and use their guns for self-defense, but of course USA Today doesn’t want us to think that.

Users had a hay day, attaching ridiculous “aftermarket accessories” onto the AR-15 in a massive troll fest which humiliated USA Today. One user tweeted out an image with an “imperial death star” underbarrel attachment, mocking USA Today as they try to make harmless tools seem like weapons of mass destruction.

Another user suggested that USA Today had “forgot some other modifications,” and compiled a hilarious image of potential “aftermarket accessories” that the scary conservatives might put on their guns. These include a nuclear missile, the USS Kittyhawk, and the city San Antonio, Texas.

This just goes to show you how ridiculous the liberal media is. They want us to think that guns somehow just magically kill millions of people, and completely ignore the fact that most of these nut-jobs using the guns are actually die-hard liberals who hate President Trump and his supporters.

If you thought that these responses to USA Today’s ridiculous tweet were HILARIOUS, please give this article a share! Thank you and God bless America.

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