Variety’s LIFETIME AWARD Goes to CHELSEA CLINTON at 37 yrs old. Are You KIDDING ME?

Variety magazine will host its annual “Women in Power” luncheon. Next month it will give out honors and awards to several ladies who have dedicated their lives to the service of others. The “Lifetime Impact Honorees” are all women whose work have made the world a better place. So, this year believe it or not, Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of former President Bill Clinton and former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, will get one of those awards for her service to…well, your guess is as good as mine.

One thing is for sure; she will be honored anyway. According to Variety (in partnership with Lifetime networks), the women will get the award for “their humanitarian work,” as well as their impact on the fields of entertainment and media.

This year’s group includes Jessica Chastain, who has led a campaign in supporting Planned Parenthood.  Also on the list is Gayle King the editor of O-magazine and BFF to the famous Opra Winfrey. King uses her fortune to help the homeless and destitute of the New York City area. Chelsea is included in a batch of honorees who have fought child sex trafficking, helped homeless youth, and funded a vast network of legal clinics to aid the poor in need.

The Women in Power luncheon t says Chelsea Clinton, is vice chair of the Clinton Foundation. Apparently that’s it. That’s all you need to receive a lifetime achievement award from Variety.  A foundation she works for because her parents founded. Some say the Clinton Foundation was founded to help them keep their wealth. The foundation which was mired in quid pro quo allegations and FBI Investigations during Hillary’s Presidential bid has been closed. But it helped children. Just ask the Haitians.

Chelsea’s other accomplishments? She has authored books that don’t sell, she is known as snarky on Twitter, and serves on the board of several large-scale tech firms, operated by major Democratic donors. That was oddly left out of her official biography.

Four hundred people are expected to attend the April 21st luncheon, one of the largest gatherings of powerful women each year. Chelsea won’t want to miss it. There you have it another Democrat given honors for doing nothing, but what do you expect, after all Obama won the Nobel peace prize before he even did anything too.

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