‘It’s Vegan ISIS!’ – Watch a Liberal Comedian BLAST ANTIFA in a Hilarious Video

vegan isis

Conservatives have long criticized the Antifa movement as spoiled millennials who express their intolerance through violence. Now, even their enablers are seeing the light. One liberal comedian is even speaking out.

Let’s be clear: liberals aren’t upset with Antifa protesters on principle. They are only upset that they are “hurting the cause” by getting violent. Left-wing protesters have long used violence in their political expression, from G-8 meetings to confederate statue rallies. Violence as a means to an end is only a problem when everyone else takes notice. Their please for peace, however, will now fall on deaf ears.  Antifa is now beyond the control of their creator; they will do as they please.

So cue Trevor Noah, host of the Daily Show, who has relished and encouraged the “resistance.” He sees the importance of optics, and he knows Antifa is not helping themselves. His rant against Antifa on Thursday’s “The Daily Show” is a must see, where he labels them “vegan ISIS.”

Alex Griswold of the Washington Free Beacon reports.

In particular, he (Noah) mocked a Berkeley, Calif. Antifa leader who claimed that her destroying the window a of local Starbucks was “symbolic.”

“You might think it’s some deep statement, but most people see that and think, ‘Great, now I’ve got to walk a whole block to the next Starbucks,'” he joked.

He said that it does not matter how noble Antifa activists believes their cause is, because “when people see that, all they think is, “Oh s**t, it’s vegan ISIS.”

“When you think you’re punching Nazis, you don’t realize that you’re also punching your cause,” Noah said. “Because your opponents will just use every violent incident to discredit your entire movement.”

Here’s the video.

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