Owen Peterson, 73 dies of infected wound. VA refused to change his bandages. The wound was infected with maggots
Owen Peterson, 73 dies of infected wound. VA refused to change his bandages. The wound was infected with maggots.

Vietnam veteran died after the Veterans Administration facility he went to refused to change his bandages. Owen Reese Peterson, 73, initially came to the Talihina Veterans Center in Oklahoma with an infection, but ended up with sepsis and died on Oct. 3. The facility would not change the bandages to his wound.  His son pleaded for 21 days.

WND reports:

Peterson’s son, Raymie Parker, of Atlanta, described his frustration with the staff as he advocated to improve the care his father received. He told the Tulsa World that employees would “stonewall” his attempts to seek help and expressed his frustration with the bureaucracy he found himself up against.

“During the 21 days I was there … I pleaded with the medical staff, the senior medical staff, to increase his meds so his bandages could be changed,” Parker told the newspaper. “I was met with a stonewall for much of that time.”

The 100-year-old facility can house up to 175 patients.

“The Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs is required to maintain certain staffing levels and currently is unable to meet them,” said Sen. Frank Simpson, R-Springer, chairman of the Oklahoma Senate Committee on Military and Veterans Affairs. “At Talihina, they had to reduce the population of veterans there due to the inability to staff the facility.”

This is an outrage, unacceptable on any level. Our veterans deserve nothing short of our very best, and when they cannot care for themselves, we owe them the best care available. Somebody inform Oklahoma. The facility and staff are apparently a nightmare to begin with. It is nearly 100-years old, in disrepair that would cost millions to fix, and the turnover rate for staff is very high.

Donald Trump said “I’m going to fix the V.A even if I have to go do it myself” and it can’t come too soon for our vets.


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