Veteran Marine fired from Time Warner for “disturbing” politics of lowering American flag on Memorial Day

Former Marine Allen Thornwell was fired from his job with Time Warner Cable because he lowered the American flag on Memorial Day.

Thornwell told Fox & Friends that his bosses didn’t like that he lowered the flag without their permission.

The former Marine just wanted to honor those who had “made the ultimate sacrifice.”

 Thornwell said that he was thinking of his friend, Sgt. Jeffrey Day. Day had PTSD and committed suicide.

He was not allowed to explain his actions before he was fired by the cable giant.

Thornwell explained to Fox that “the service that arranged the job said that Time Warner told them they were disturbed by his ‘passion for the flag and (his) political affiliation.’”

Why would Time Warner care so much about Thornwell’s politics on what should be a day of national pride and remembrance regardless of your party affiliation?

Time Warner cable gives twice as much to Democrats than it does to Republicans via its PAC.

There you go…apparently it’s a “Republican” thing to honor our fallen soldiers, and the liberal run company simply can’t abide that.

Let Time Warner know just how wrong they are at their Twitter account or their Facebook page.

h/t Freedom Daily

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