[VIDEO and POLL] Do you think a Whole Foods employee wrote a gay slur on a cake?

So the story of the gay pastor out of Austin, Texas, Jordan Brown, ordering a cake that says “Love Wins” from Whole Foods and receiving it with the addition of “Fag” below that phrase has been making the rounds, especially now that Whole Foods is counter-suing him and has proof that contradicts his claim.

The video is below, if you really want to watch it, but you don’t need to because I did and there are some GLARING things wrong with it, and this guys story. Which I list after the video.

So…what do you think?

Is the "Love Wins Fag" cake controversy a hoax?

Here are the six things I noticed that make this whole thing highly susupect.

1. The box the cake comes in has a HUUUUUUUUUGE window at the top, yet this goofball claims that he didn’t notice the epithet on it until he got to his car. There’s no way that he didn’t notice this upon it being handed to him.

2. He goes on and on AND ON AND ON about how the box is still sealed. If he had to mention it at all it should’ve been just once. Saying it, like, half a dozen times is something a guilty person does.

3. Big Fur Hat over at iOTWReport points out the difference in the weight of the letters. “Fag” is definitely much more thinly applied than the rest of it.

4. The label is at the bottom of the box, but security footage of the purchase of the cake shows the label originally on a top corner.

5. One could argue that if the label was on top it could have obstructed the view of “Fag,” the problem with this is two-fold: 1. The label doesn’t appear to cover the center, which is where “the action” is and 2. If the label was on top then Brown moved it for the purposes of making this video and that directly contradicts his claim that the box was and remained in an untampered condition.

6. The bakery staffer in question is a member of the LGBTQRSTUV community, in a liberal city like Austin…That’s like saying some black guy is working to establish a chapter of the KKK in south central Los Angeles. It’s impossible to believe.

Image credit: iOTWReport

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