[VIDEO] Hillary Clinton get ripped for tone-deaf perspective on America’s gang problem

Hillary Clinton’s answer to America’s gang problem? Young people need to “make good choices.”

She’s not wrong when she says that gangs serve as a family-type of figure to the kids who join them, but Milwaukee County Sheriff Clarke hit the nail on the head when he says she acts like that’s their only option for a familial environment. He and Tucker Carlson ask why she doesn’t bring up alternatives such as church….

Come on…these are Democrats, we know why they would prefer using government resources to turn gangs into “positive gangs.”

First and foremost, they don’t believe in God, they believe in government, THAT is their highest power and THEY are the government. Second, and more to the point, churches preclude them from having the power to exert in this matter. After decades of failure it should be clear that they don’t care about solving problems, they care about having power, if solving a problem happens in the process then it’s an accidental by-product more than anything else.

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