*VIDEO INTERVIEW* Young Black Trump Supporter Talks Race Relations, Globalism, and Exiting the Democrat Plantation

Viral sensation Mark Lutchman, PFC, is a 22-year-old Army National Guardsman, father, and supporter of Donald J. Trump.

Lutchman made a name for himself in a recent video posted by the Best of Donald Trump Facebook page, where he slammed Colin Kaepernick and those who support and mimic him, before seguing into warnings against Cultural Marxism, the ‘refugee crisis’ deception, anti-white racism, and globalism. The video has racked up over 2 million views on that single post alone.

I sat down with Mark to expand on some of the concepts he puts forth in his videos and social media posts, including his thoughts on Donald Trump and the 2016 election, being a young black conservative, and the artificial inflammation of race relations and division in America.


Lutchman’s original viral video on Kaepernick and anti-American sentiment in the United States –



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