[VIDEO] KKK leader still insists the group supports Hillary Clinton, and they have donated to her campaign

Over a month ago we posted an introduction to Will Quigg, the KKK Grand Wizard and Hillary supporter the media won’t tell you about. In that post he off-handedly mentioned the Klan supports Hillary Clinton. He makes that support much less ambiguous in the video below.

Liberals are terrible with cognitive dissonance. So I would fully expect them to disregard what Mr. Quigg says above about how she is an ally of the Klan by virtue of the fact that she is a Democrat. Liberals like to think their party is the polar opposite of the KKK, but Quigg proudly claims the organization is and has been by and for Democrats.

We don’t just have to take him at his word. The late Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) was notorious for having been a member of the Klan himself. Democrats elected and reelected him to the Senate for decades. Hillary Clinton, as she’s quick and proud to say in the video below, cited Byrd as her mentor. Considering these truths how could Quigg and the rest of the Klan not see her as an ally?

It’s bad enough having a criminal investigation over her emails hanging over her campaign, but stuff like this would have ended anyone else’s career in politics before it even started. That’s not a testament to anything about Hillary so much as it’s a testament to the willful ignorance and complete dearth of principle of the average Hillary Clinton supporter, especially the ones who think Trump is the racist one.

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