[VIDEO] LARGE Woman Goes BERSERK Destroys Store When Her FOOD STAMP Card is Declined

Large Woman Turns Into Bull In China Shop After Store Declines Food Stamp Card

President Barack Obama and his liberal friends would like all of America to believe that everyone on food stamps is a lovely human being who isn’t just gaming the system because they are too lazy to work.

A video circulating the internet would seem to indicate otherwise. In it, a large woman went on a rampage after her Electronic Benefits Transfer card was declined at a convenience store.

The woman waddled around the store, throwing food off of shelves and mumbling “Call the police,” “Do y’all job,” and other largely incomprehensible phrases.

At one point she threw an empty food container at a man who came over to try to end her rampage. A small crowd of people wasn’t able to stop her; she ignored them and simply kept on rolling.
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Perhaps sensing that her energy was running low from all the exercise, or maybe realizing she just burned a couple of calories, the woman ended her rampage by lunging at the candy shelves.

A store worker decided that this was going too far, perhaps fearing what might happen if the woman started eating, and he and some other patrons were able to stop the woman from raiding the candy aisle by holding her back.

They then managed to quite literally push all of her out the door, warning her not to come back. It was unclear whether the police were called or the store owner simply let her leave.

You can watch the viral video here, with, unfortunately but not surprisingly, a warning about some graphic language:


H/T Conservative Tribune

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