[VIDEO] Newt Gingrich issues a dose of reality to the #NeverTrump crowd

Newt was my candidate in 2012, and this interview provides an example of why. Trump isn’t my top pick, and I have huge concerns because he is essentially a RINO (forget any hope of pinning him down as a conservative), and I worry about what it would do to the conservative movement to make him the veritable head of it.

That said, it’s very hard, if not impossible, to argue against what Newt is saying here. This interview was done while Super Tuesday voting was under way, but Newt’s perspective will be important to keep in mind as we progress toward November.

If you don’t have the four minutes needed to watch this the main message is this:

If you refuse to support the GOP nominee, whoever it will be, you are supporting the election of Hillary Clinton for president, and she would be the worst decision we make. Period.

h/t iOTWReport

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