Hateful leftists stormed the altar and disrupted Easter Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City.

Easter is the holiest day of the year on the Christian calendar. These people are pathetic.animal-rights-protestor-easter-575x314

This is what the left does folks. They have zero respect for others and all they care about is their pathetic, hate-filled agenda. They should be ashamed of themselves but that will never happen.

Worshipers attending Easter Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral got the scare of their lives when a band of unruly protesters disrupted the event.

“I thought they were going to blow themselves up,” worshiper Carol Forester, 50, confessed.

A group of six animal rights protesters abruptly leaped up from a pew in the middle of the service and shouted, “Easter is a time for love! No more shedding animal blood!” while holding up signs of animals pleading for their lives.

About 20 minutes into the Rev. Damian O’Connell’s noon Mass, protester Jacob Martin, 23, rose out of his seat in the center of the church and started to walk down the aisle while shouting into a bullhorn that “only the devil” could create “animals capable of love and joy just so humans can make them suffer and die.”

Martin, who is a former University of North Carolina student and identifies as a Christian, also had a camera strapped to his chest, which worshippers believed was an explosive.

Martin was arrested and charged with interrupting a religious service, according to police.


h/t Gateway Pundit

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