(VIDEO) Rabid Dog Hillary Supporter, Pissed at Trump Supporter; Watch Cop On Scene Sets Her Straight. LOVE IT! 


This angry Hillary supporter is pissed off at  a Trump supporter for having Trump/Pence signs in his yard. She picked a fight with the guy then picked a fight with the cop. This is outrageous. I’m writing about this today because this social justice warrior thinks that she has a right to stop in front of a private citizen’s home and give him the finger, call him a racist and hurl F bombs at him. She is so ignorant and arrogant, she thinks harassment is a 1st amendment right.


This obvious man hater  actually says to the camera and in front of the office ” ok men will always have the upper hand on a woman in this country until we elect a woman who shatters the glass ceiling;  so that’s what happened I want everybody to share this with everybody. So that’s exactly what I am doing.  Lets make this idiot go viral.

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