Video shows how Reagan handled violent protesters is not all that much different from Trump

I was born at the beginning of Reagan’s presidency, so his time as governor is ancient history to me, but this short video is very insightful in how he handled the civil unrest of the 60’s. Conservatives who want to engage in hand-wringing with Trump would do well to remember the Gipper didn’t tolerate the childish crap of leftists any more or less than Trump does now. The commentators noted that Reagan’s success sprang from his understanding of what the electorate was thinking and feeling at the time.

I’m not saying Trump is Reagan by any stretch of the imagination, BUT…Sound familiar?

The BEST line comes at the 0:35 mark.

…(S)ome youngsters had signs that said “make love not war.” Trouble is they didn’t look like they were capable of doing either. This fellow that was doing the talking had a hair cut like Tarzan, he walked like Jane, and smelled like a cheetah.

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