[VIDEO] Ted Cruz smacks down liberal trying to argue about “climate change”

This is fantastic, I felt like I was listening to myself argue climate change with my liberal friends (yes I have them) with every argument Cruz makes here.

When I took rhetoric and argumentation in college one of the things I learned was defining the terms of a debate is sometimes the only factor in determining the winners and losers. This exchange is a perfect example of that. Cruz smacked this liberal goofball around on “climate change” because he refused to accept the narrow parameters being presented to him (which includes the very definition of “climate change” itself).

In addition to that minor thing, a much more major divide is exposed here, and it’s intellectual.

Liberals are never as clever as they like to think they are. The questioner thought if that if he could keep the existence of climate change to a simple yes/no question he could best Cruz. Cruz swats that tactic away with ease because he knows something vital to getting the best of an opponent that the questioner doesn’t know…both sides of the argument.

That is the root of the problem liberals have with arguing against conservatives, and it’s why informed conservatives are just smarter. They have to be, because when you have pop culture, education, and the news media standing almost unanimously against you there’s no time or place in the movement for the sort of intellectual atrophy the average liberal experiences having their opinions rarely or never be challenged.

Ted Cruz schooled Libtard about Climate ChangeKnowledgeable Ted Cruz counter-attacked and schooled a Libtard about Climate Change

Posted by Freedom Post on Tuesday, September 8, 2015

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