[VIDEO] The sheer irony of what Hillary Clinton says should trump the second amendment

The screenwriter for Idiocracy recently stated that he never expected the film to become a documentary.

Some liberals might take Trumps campaign success as a sign of this, but really more than anything it’s the stupidity of leftists and the Democrats who love them.

Take for instance Hillary Clinton on the Steve Harvey show explaining that the second amendment must strike a balance with our constitutional right to “life liberty and the pursuit of happiness” (there’s a reason that’s in bold, if you have a brain in your head you know why) while Steve Harvey nods in agreement with the applause of the studio audience. The full quote was

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The video this quote came from is below.

Of course, we live in an idiocracy because these approving morons have demonstrated they’re too ignorant to know and realize that “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” is in the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution.

If you wanted to indulge this kind of ignorance of our founding documents for even the briefest of moments you would realize that if there’s a constitutional right to life then there can be no constitutional right to an abortion (technically there isn’t, the Supreme Court “found” it). A gun can be used as an instrument of death, but that’s not the sole purpose of wielding on. On the other hand, the sole purpose of abortion is to snuff out life when it is at its most vulnerable.

If the right to life should trump the right to bear arms (which is written not to enable the taking of life, but rather to protect it) then it should most definitely trump the left’s invented right to have abortions. Unicorns will invent time travel before you’ll ever hear a Democrat admit that.

In addition to this, and more to the point. To accept what Hillary is saying you have to accept the premise that the right to keep and bear arms is in direct conflict to the right (constitutional or in declaration) to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as if the founding fathers believed it was some sort of yin and yang arrangement.

It’s not. The efficacy of life and liberty’s preservation is only as good as the people’s ability to freely defend it. It’s not that leftists like Hillary don’t know this, to the contrary, they are acutely aware of this fact.

When she conflates the Declaration with the Constitution it’s idiocy at a basic level, but it’s also cosmetic compared to the deeper ignorance she taps into with those in the country who believe that we can either have guns or we can have liberty.

Featured image source: Fox News Facebook page

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