[VIDEO] Trump protesters FAIL spectacularly when challenged to defend their views

WARNING: There is a lot of BAD language, most of it is from loving tolerant liberals, and if that’s something you don’t want to hear then don’t watch the video below.

I’ve state before I’m pretty much agnostic on the whole Trump vs. Cruz thing (but not on the GOPe stealing the nomination via Paul Ryan or an equivalent). So I don’t share this in favor of Trump so much as it goes to show how totally ignorant and truly unintelligent the left’s argument has been against him.

I’ve been concerned that he’s not conservative and that should give us pause before making him the effective head of the movement, but that contrasts with these people who I think make any rational person want to vote for Trump after listening to their idiocy.

One of the best examples of this comes at around the 5:00 mark when Gavin McInnis (the man with the mic) tries explaining to a young woman that 80% of illegal immigrant woman crossing the border are raped by Coyotes, she thinks he literally means the animal, not realizing it’s a term used for men smuggling these women over.

Then there’s the guy at the end, who is clearly high on something…I mean…this is the reason we can’t have civil discussion anymore, one side (liberals/leftists/communists/progressives) doesn’t actually know anything about anything.

h/t 100 Percent Fed Up

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