Vintage Ronald Reagan on Johnny Carson in 1975 (VIDEO)

Before Fallon, and before Leno, there was Carson.

Anyone under 30 might be saying, Johnny Who? They better not be saying “Ronald Who?”

This was probably quite enjoyable when it aired 41 years ago. I don’t know if hindsight makes it better or worse. It was interesting to find out that he became a nationally syndicated columnist after his time as governor. (I know, my nerd is showing)

The other glaringly obvious thing I learned watching this is how intelligent late night comedy shows could be. Obviously Carson turned up the seriousness to rise to the occasion of the guest he was hosting, but imagine this interview taking place today…it wouldn’t happen without an interrupting whoopi cushion being introduced to the audience before it was all over.

The saddest thing I learned was that just about all of the problems we have now were around 41 years ago, so pretty much nothing has changed.

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