This Black Father Is Not Happy With a Rapper’s Video Showing ‘Lynching’ of White Child (VIDEO)

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Ever since XXXTentacion released his controversial music video “Look At Me!” millions of Americans across the country have voiced their outrage. The graphic video depicts a young black child lynching a young white child, in the name of “racial equality.”

Silence is Consent previously reported on the heinous video, noting that it was nothing more than a cavalcade of unnecessary violence, racism, and hatred. Despite its graphic nature, the video has already racked up millions of views and has surprisingly few down votes.

“The opening scene depicts the rapper leading a gang rampage in a school classroom,” Silence is Consent reported, “where he beats a white male teacher with a dildo before the crowd joins in for a collective attack on the defenseless man.” Unfortunately that’s not even the worst of the violence.

In the middle of the video, the music fades away as two young boys of approximately 8-years-old, one black and one white, are led on to an auditorium stage by a black male adult while an audience looks on.

Dangling in the middle of the stage is a noose, and the boys are positioned facing each other with the rope between them.

XXXTentacion approaches the boys, and proceeds to demonstrate how to hang the noose around the white boy’s neck before crossing the stage, ‘solemnly’ gripping the other end of the rope, and hoisting the white child into the air where he is shown hanging in disturbingly graphic detail and duration.

The remainder of the video is dedicated to the glorification of the rapper’s ‘intellectuality,’ as he recites a manifesto aimed at ‘bigots, supremacists, and racists,’ while lecturing on “equity and inequality” and how to “demonstrate care for the youths’ future.”

The music video has prompted numerous responses from professional reporters and amateur commentators alike, but one dad’s reaction to the video is absolutely sweeping the internet. Bucket Head Nation, a popular YouTube channel with almost a million subscribers, is known for reviewing controversial rap videos, and trying to see the hidden messages buried within.

Unfortunately for XXXTentacion, however, this black father couldn’t seem to find any sort of deep and meaningful message hidden within his music video. Instead, he criticized it as being completely unnecessary and overly violent, adding that we need to come together as a country and stop with the violence.

“There’s no reason for this!” he shouts. “There’s no reason to put these kids in these position! Never!” As XXXTentacion puts the noose over the young white child’s neck, the black father becomes visibly upset, asking “Why would you do that?”

He also comments on Obama, adding that the country has grown worse thanks to him. “I thought that after we had a black President, the United States would’ve gotten better…but it didn’t.” He notes that the Hurricanes have, however, served to unify the country. “…they’ve shown that we have humanity, and that people don’t care what color or race you are. They’re going to help you.”

“All we have to do is be people,” he says. “You just have to be a good person—in here,” he adds as he points to his heart. “You can’t hide who you are. Be good! Be good to your neighbor, be good to your friends, treat people like you want to be treated. This is not a hard lesson…unless somebody’s been teaching you otherwise.”

If you stand with this black father and believe that we all need to move on and unite as Americans, please give this article a share. Thank you and God bless!



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