VIRAL VIDEO – Black Trump Supporter ENRAGED: “Illegals Are Taking Our Jobs!”

black woman sanctuary cities racist

Los Angeles, California – At a recent town hall meeting in Cudahy, a city located in the Southeastern part of Los Angeles County, an African Woman was outraged. She gave a very impassioned speech, roasting our government for prioritizing immigrants over legal African American immigrants in sanctuary cities.

The crowd cheered her on, as she declared: “Thank God for Trump, and thank God for Sessions. You should be ashamed of yourselves!”

She repeatedly roasted Sanctuary cities, claiming that they’re giving illegal immigrants jobs when there’s 90 million tax-paying, legal Americans that are out of work:

“Sanctuary cities are racist! The black community has long been destroyed by illegal immigration—it’s like we’re going through the second civil rights movement.

I’m an American citizen. My people have been here since the start of this country—traced back from the person, which was a female, off of a slave ship.

“…I have Native American in me, I have Asian in me, I have European, and I have African. And I’m not going anywhere!

Again I say that sanctuary cities are racist! All the jobs are going to illegals!”

She then goes on to explain how policies regarding illegal immigrants, are extremely anti-American, giving them unfair treatment, even for committing heinous crimes:

“When MY people do a crime, we get three strikes! YOUR people do a crime? They get Amnesty! They get benefits! And they’re not paying taxes!”

After this, she cites a law which allows Mexicans to claim people from Mexico, when she can’t even claim relatives from New Orleans after the flood:

“Publication 17 IRS! They’re allowing YOU people to claim people in MEXICO, I can’t even claim people in New Orleans when there was a flood! I couldn’t claim my people!

She ends with a powerful statement, regarding the State of California’s known voter fraud issues:

…I am outraged! I’m a tax payer, I manage a tax store in 4 different states! That ITIN number? They’re using it as a social security number! All of those social security numbers that you don’t steal—and it’s gonna be shut down!”

The crowd proceeds to hoot and holler, with a woman heard, in the background, yelling: “You rock, mama!”

Sounds kind of outrageous, you think? Aren’t town hall meetings the stuff of bureaucrats, dull and drab?

No—this was a thing of the past. The people are reclaiming their country, and you can hear it in their words, you can feel it in their voice, and you can see it, in their eyes.

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