VIRAL VIDEO: Idiot Kid Throws a Firecracker Down a Manhole – Watch What Happens Next

firecracker in a manhole

Most American kids learn early on about the dangers of methane gas from sewers. Apparently, they don’t teach that lesson in China. A kid there just learned the lesson the hard way.

A viral video out of China shows a kid who ignored all common sense and threw a lit firecracker down a manhole. Of course, it only took a second or so for the methane gas to ignite, sending the kid about ten feet into the air.

It looks fake, but the video is absolutely real, and it is being used to educate people not to risk their lives with this prank.

The Daily Mail reports.

According to, the boy had lit up the methane in the sewer which caused the accident.

The colourless gas reacted with ignition and caused a combustion that sent the boy some three metres high (10 feet) into the air.

A few onlookers can be seen walking past, as the clip showed.

The young boy, whose details have not been revealed, appeared to be lighting a firecracker near the manhole.

Another young boy came by to watch and seconds later, the explosion occurred.

The sewage cover was left open on the road as other onlookers watched.

The report didn’t mention if the boy has survived, or if he has suffered any serious injuries.

It’s also not known where the incident took place, but the clip was posted on Weibo to remind web users to be careful during Chinese New Year celebration.

Here is the video of the idiocy.

This isn’t the first time this sort of thing has happened. A look on YouTube finds that the practice of throwing a firecracker in a manhole is a common prank in China – even though those involved seem to know how dangerous it is.

This video, also from China, shows a handful of kids tempting fate by making multiple attempts to ignite the methane inside a manhole. When it does, it takes part of the street with it.

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