VIRAL VIDEO: Las Vegas PUNKS Open Fire On Veteran Cop – DIDN’T EXPECT What He Had Planned For Them Next…

A viral video has recently been making the rounds online, which millions of people have seen. Liberals of course have pointed to this video claiming it’s more evidence we need to stop “police brutality,” but many red blooded American patriots are yelling a thorough “hell yeah!’ after seeing the instant justice this cop delivered to these punks.

We all know that police face danger every day, but this is a fact the left seems to ignore. At any moment during a given interaction, some lunatic could pull out a gun and try to gun down an innocent cop—and that’s just what these lunatics tried to do. Unfortunately for them however, they weren’t prepared for what would come next.

The police officer had signaled them to pull over when they immediately decided to go rogue. They began open firing on the officer, and without a second’s hesitation, his training immediately kicked in. He whipped out his gun, like any good patriot would do, and began open firing at these thugs…through his windshield.

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Independent reports more on the full story:

The incident between police officer William Umana and two men suspected of a homicide took place in Las Vegas on 11 July.

Mr Umana is seen on camera shooting while driving, first using his open window and then blowing holes in his own windscreen.

The suspects, Fidel Miranda and Rene Nunez, had allegedly fired 34 bullets at police.

The pursuit eventually ended at a primary school where the suspects crashed their vehicle.

Mr Miranda attempted to reverse towards the officers, where he was fatally shot. Mr Nunez, who was said to have tried to flee the scene on foot, was arrested and is in custody.

Police say both men were armed, and were suspects in a homicide just two hours prior to the pursuit, where they had allegedly shot and killed a man at a car wash.

To every leftist who claims that police are unnecessary, that they’re simply abusing the public, and that they’re racist thugs who need to be stopped—we present this video. This police officer was simply doing his job when these thugs began open firing at him. This is a clear example of why #BlueLivesMatter.

Thankfully, everything was caught on his bodycam, which if you ask me is nothing short of a miracle. Half of these dumb “police brutality” claims could be debunked IMMEDIATELY if we had access to every officer’s bodycam, and thankfully in this case, we do. Take a look at the shocking footage below.

If you stand behind this officer in open firing on these THUGS who were trying to take his LIFE, then please give this article a share! Thank you and God bless this country.

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