VIRAL VIDEO: Watch a Grandpa Fight A Thug With Saggy Pants – And Put Him Down

grandpa fight

Editor’s Note: The video in this story includes language that is not safe for work.

Yet another thug with terrible fashion sense has learned not to mess with the “greatest generation.” Thankfully, there is video of the young punk getting schooled.

The video, which was originally posted to Live Leak, does not provide much context, and the story behind it is not known. However, the situation is clear: a young thug with sagging pants is threatening a older gentleman with violence. He just was not expecting this response.

The older man is seen carrying a bag of groceries, so the young thug probably thought he was an easy target. When grandpa puts down the groceries, however, it’s on.

The old man warns the thug “I’m gonna hurt ya,” but the kid wasn’t listening.

While the young punk talks trash, the old man squares up, and promptly delivers a punch that drops the guy to the ground. The person filming the fight exclaims the punk “got knocked the f**k out!”

The entire video is a stark reminder of just how weak young punks today really are. People like the old man have no patience for idiots, and plenty of experience putting them down.

Here is video of the incident. Warning: there is language in the video that is not safe for work, but you’ll likely not hear over your own laughter.

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H/T: Daily Caller


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