WATCH: 4 Tennessee Thugs Attack Dad Holding Baby Girl – Get Most VICIOUS Payback of Their LIVES!

Eight years of Obama’s presidency has created a nation of entitled thugs, and many of these thugs still roam the streets. In fact, four disgusting thugs just tried attacking a father who was carrying his innocent baby girl, but unfortunately for them, they realized too late that they messed with the WRONG father.

We all know what it’s like to hold our loved ones in our arms, but very few of us can relate to what it’s like to watch a loved one die.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly the situation that Karl Shields was faced with. A local man from Memphis, Tennessee, he never thought he’d have to fight for his baby girl’s life—but today, he did.

Shields was walking near a local McDonalds minding his own business, when out of nowhere he was jumped by a gang of four thugs. They quickly jumped out of their car and surrounded the father, who was preoccupied carrying his baby girl. They didn’t give a damn whether she lived or died, they were intent on causing trouble.

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Thanks to eight years of Democratic leadership, thugs like this are more entitled than ever. They justify their crimes by claiming that “racists” have kept them down, when in reality it’s their own decisions that have led them to a life of poverty.

Far too many innocent lives have been taken due to this type of Obama thinking, but Shields would be damned if his baby girl became just another statistic.

He quickly sprung into action, and desperately trying to protect his baby girl, put her down on the curb so he could deal with these scumbags. They surrounded him and began viciously attacking him, but unfortunately for them, it turns out he had a secret weapon: a concealed carry.

Memphis News Channel 3 gives us the full story:

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A victim shot a suspect during an attempted robbery Tuesday afternoon at an Orange Mound McDonald’s, the Memphis Police Department confirmed.

Police say four suspects attempted to rob the victim at the McDonald’s in the 1400 block of South Trezevant near Lamar and Airways when the victim shot one of the suspects.

“They jumped out of the car and they started fighting him and trying to take his wallet and stuff,” said witness David Chase, who called 911 from across the street.

“He was fighting them. He dropped his baby and started fighting them and the child was just sitting on the concrete,” Chase added.

He said he then heard three to four gunshots as the father struck one of the suspects.

All four suspects returned to their car and fled, dropping the wounded suspect off at a fire station down the road.

Chase said he heard three or four gunshots as the victim put up a fight.

Memphis police won’t say if the father will face any charges for shooting the suspect, but people WREG spoke with don’t think he should.

“If I’m being robbed and I fire back, that ain’t my fault,” said Karl Shields.

Chase agrees.

“He was doing what any father should have did: protect his child. And I also told the police whether he had a gun license or not, it was a righteous shot. He did what any man would do for his kids,” he said.

The wounded suspect was taken to the hospital in non-critical condition.

Thankfully, because the founding fathers had the wisdom to give us the second amendment, this father and his baby girl are safe. This is what a strong father looks like, folks! Every parent has a responsibility to take care of their children in times of need, and while most of us will hopefully never be attacked by thugs like this, it seems that Karl Shields is an American hero.

What do you think these thugs should be sentenced to? Should they be thrown in prison for life, or let off Scott-free, because they were “oppressed” their whole lives? Please give this article a share and let us know your thoughts. Thank you and God bless!

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